Exciting pop TV news roundup

American Idol starts on January 13th in America, and some interesting news has already leaked: One of this year’s contestants is Joanna Pacitti! Last year I recognised Carly Smithson (ex-Hennessy) and whatshisface from Boyz & Girlz United from their previous careers, but neither of them had made such brilliant singles as Watch Me Shine or Let It Slide, both of which have appeared on Into The Groove in the past. I’ve heard that she had a Max Martin song on the album she would have released had Let It Slide done well, so hopefully that will leak in the next few months. Let me know if you find it!

Another pop TV show starting in January (the 3rd actually, next Saturday!) is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new series to find the next Eurovision entry for the UK. I am not expecting great ratings for it as I don’t think people in this country have a good attitude to Eurovision or even to Europe, so it will probably be a flop, but hopefully it’ll be fun to watch, and it’s just nice to see the BBC at least trying to get people into Eurovision. I only hope Andrew’s song for the winner isn’t too awful, but considering he hasn’t made one song I like yet in his whole career, I’m not terribly optimistic.

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