Future Stars: Eves Karydas (Island)

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Island have taken an interesting approach to the challenge of breaking new female pop acts – they seem to be scouring the world for foreign artists with star potential. After signing and developing Danish pop star Sigrid, they’re following the same strategy with Eves Karydas. She previously had a couple of small but enjoyable hits in her home country of Australia, with the tracks TV and Electrical, released under the name Eves The Behavior. Perhaps due to the spelling issue (typing Behavior without the “u” is quite traumatic for us Brits) she switched to her real surname, though Eves isn’t her real first name – she’s actually called Hannah. Her new single There For You is a natural progression from her past singles: more commercial with a more glamorous video, but still cool, youthful and fun. The track makes it easy to compare her to Lorde, Lana and Halsey, or even the latest incarnation of Taylor Swift, but it feels more like an amalgamation of current stars than something derivative. I suspect Eves might just be sharing space with Sigrid on a few 2018 ones to watch lists. Spoiler alert: I’ve already noted her down for mine.

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