Song of the Week: Emily Burns – Girlfriend at the Time

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Emily Burns is a young British singer-songwriter signed to indie label 37 Adventures, founded by the team that launched Marina and the Diamonds (and some other very successful but less poptastic things). She first popped up on my radar earlier this year with the snarky single Bitch, and new release Girlfriend at the Time continues in the same vein, developing a distinctive sound that reminds me of electro-pop girls of the past few years like Kloe and Chloe Howl (in fact, it’s surprising her name isn’t Chloe). Their trajectory suggests mainstream success might not be in Emily’s path, but she will benefit from being on an independent label, where pop acts are given a fair chance to develop rather than being dropped if they aren’t immediately topping the charts. In fact, unlike either of those Chloes, Emily already has an album on the way (albeit a mini one) – look out for Seven Scenes From The Same Summer in July this year.

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