Future Stars: Charlotte Lawrence (Human Re Sources Records)

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There’s being born lucky, and then there’s Charlotte Lawrence. Born into a wealthy Hollywood family, her mum Christa Miller is a successful actress and her dad Bill Lawrence the creator of Scrubs and Cougar Town, and she has various other random celebrity relatives and friends. She’s now a model signed to IMG, part of a clique with Kaia Gerber, and a singer with the perfect voice for the cool-pop sound of the moment. All this, and she’s only 17. It would be easy to hate her, if it wasn’t for the fact that she has some great songs. She has been releasing music since 2014, when she was just 13, with angelic singles The Finish Line and Ever After. Her style now is much cooler, with an electro-pop edge, and singles SeventeenSleep Talking and Just The Same have earned her a growing fanbase. Her latest release Psychopath is her best yet – a catchy collaboration with Nina Nesbitt and recent Future Pop star Sasha Sloan, written and recorded for the Louder Together Spotify initiative for Women’s History Month. It makes me wish the trio were an actual girl group, like an All Saints for the streaming age. Nonetheless, it’s enough to make me excited for what Charlotte might come out with next.


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