Dutch X Factor Update

Good news: the fabulous Rachel Kramer, ex-member of K-otic aka the best Dutch band of all time, has made it to the finals! Rather strangely, this week the number of contestants went from 6 to 3 as 3 of them were “geĂ«limineerd” (eliminated), leaving only Rachel, Lisa (my 2nd favourite) and Jamal. Not being Dutch myself (although I wish I was!) I can’t predict who’s likely to win, but based on the quality of Rachel’s performances this week I think she stands a great chance.


The most exciting thing is who is in the audience… it’s SITA!!! Sita was in K-otic too but left after the first album to go solo. She made 2 excellent albums but sadly isn’t doing much these days. I would love to see a K-otic reunion, but I suppose if Rachel wins X Factor it probably won’t happen as she’ll be too busy being a popstar by herself. I still want her to win, though, of course.

This reminds me of something quite relevant which I forgot to mention in my post about Sounds Like Teen Spirit. The final was held in the Netherlands and guess who was the female presenter? Kim-Lian! Along with Sita, she is one of my all-time favourite Dutch popstars. Here are a few of her best songs so you can join me in fandom: Road to Heaven, Addicted, CyberPolice and Hey Boy.


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