It’s back! For a limited time only…

Dima Bilan – See What I See
This is Dima’s new single, although I’m not sure exactly which country that applies to. It is at least being played on the brilliant Bulgarian radio station Radio Express. It reminds me a lot of the German Eurovision entry of 2005 by Max, but I secretly loved that and I’m rather liking this too.

Elize – Itsy Bitsy Spider (live at TOTP)
Far away in the land of the Dutch, the world is still a bit sane as they have not (yet) axed Top of the Pops. This is good because it provides us with lots of performances by the ace pop stars Holland likes to provide, one of the best ever being Elize. This is her latest single, not quite Automatic or Into Your System but still pretty good.

Najoua Belyzel – Comme Toi
One of the most amazing discoveries for me in 2006 has been Najoua, whose musical style is so distinct and simply gorgeous. This is her third and most recent single, which sounds quite like her others although perhaps a bit rockier. There is no-one else like Najoua and all her songs and videos are fantastic – alone she nearly makes up for the rubbishness of most of the rest of French music.

BWO – Chariots of Fire
You’ve probably seen this by now but I couldn’t do a comeback DP:UK without something by the best band of the year, and this video is so surreal that I don’t want to take the chance of anyone missing it. Once you’ve had enough marvelling at the weirdness, remember to pay attention to the music cos it’s a brilliant pop song too.

V – You Stood Up
I like to imagine that if V had become the hugest boyband ever, as they were supposed to, this would be their first Xmas no.1. This is a performance from TOTP which had lots of fake rain, reminding me of their almighty predecessors the BSBs in Quit Playing Games. Boybands are great, even if there is never another successful one I hope they don’t stop forming them cos that would be very sad.

5. Girls Aloud – I Think We’re Alone Now
4. Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up
3. Justin Timberlake – My Love
2. Jamelia – Beware of the Dog

And at no.1…

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things
I never loved Maneater as much as everyone else but I was a huge Promiscuous fan, despite it being much more r’n’b, and I really like this more mellow track as well. Very confusing, but it is an undeniably lovely song and its winning DP:UK this week shows that I am right.

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