Dirrrty Pop Review: The Pipettes Live!

Last night I went to see The Pipettes in concert at King’s College Student’s Union in London, and it turned out to be every bit as ace as you’d expect. The night didn’t start too well – I was fashionably late and still had to wait nearly 2 hours and through 2 awful support acts (why do pop bands get rock bands supporting them? It’s stupid!) until the Pipettes arrived, and it was extremely hot in there but as soon as The Pipettes took to the stage all annoyance was forgotten.

I can’t remember the exact setlist but they did most of the songs from the album as well as Pull Shapes b-sides Really That Bad and Guess Who Ran Off With The Milkman? (which you can hear here) and for the encore, the notorious I Like A Boy in Uniform (School Uniform). It’s impossible to pick a highlight because, as anyone who’s heard the Pipettes album will know, every song they do is brilliant.

The girls took it in turns to sing lead vocals and stand in the middle on stage, and Gwenno and Rose both played the keyboard during various songs. My favourite member is definitely Gwenno, who is by far the most fun and bouncy Pipette and her style and singing is fab. Rose was really good on her solo song Sex and Becki was pretty good but distractingly looks just like Liz from Atomic Kitten. There was also a backing band of boys who I believe are known as The Cassettes and all wore matching sleeveless jumpers in a preppy American high school style.

Making it all the more exciting was after the gig when I got in what I thought was the queue for the lift and then found I was queueing to meet The Pipettes! They were signing everyone’s tickets and I had the chance to thank acetastic Gwenno for a fantastic gig and for making “proper pop with dance routines and everything!” Overall it was a throughly enjoyable experience and now I cannot wait to buy their new single (Pull Shapes out this week!!!) which apparently has instructions to do the dance moves, just like pop singles did in the olden days (well, the 90s), and the album which comes out in 2 weeks! The Pipettes are definitely the most exciting UK band of 2006, the coolest and by far the most fun.

Now, time for a blurry photo:

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