Marco Borsato – Rood
I posted this song on Into The Groove recently but now I’ve found the video I think it needs another outing. This is such a fun song and being in Dutch just makes it all the more silly and surreal! And it’s not just a novelty, it’s really great pop as well, especially the dancier bits as the song goes on.

V – Boyband Medley
V were ther perfect boyband – a bunch of good looking young boys who could sing and dance well and had actual personality as well as a variety of ace songs. And best of all they didn’t shrug off the boyband tag, they revelled in it, never more so than when they recorded this boyband medley (starring 5ive, BSBs and Take That).

Camera Obscura – Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Another song posted on ITG this week, but the video is even better than the song and needs to be shared! It’s a funny mix of the shy-seeming lead singer and the crazy funness of the video but it works and fits the fab song perfectly. This video manages to combine Japan and musicals, and even Gwen Stefani hasn’t managed that!

Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man
Here’s the brand new video by Miss Aguilera and her song that I now completely understand the release of, although by the time I started loving it it had already begun being played far too much so I hope I don’t hate it again by the time it’s actually released. She looks OK in the video (for her) and it’s good fun in a kind of Moulin Rouge way with some 60s/70s style mixed in for some reason.

Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43
This band have some seriously dreary songs, but also some acetastic ones and luckily they’re releasing the best one of all, and this is their performance on TOTP, one of the last episodes ever – if they’d left it any later to release this song they would never have made it onto the show!

And now the top 5…

5. Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind
4. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man
3. Lily Allen – Smile
2. Madonna – Get Together

1. Pipettes – Pull Shapes
And here for the last time in DP:UK is the video for Pull Shapes, because I am now going to retire this song from the chart and let someone else have a go at being no.1. In other Pipettes news, I’m going to see them live this week (YAY!) and Pull Shapes the single is out on Monday to buy in all good record shops (so probably not Woolies). Don’t forget to buy it and make this the huge summer hit it’s supposed to be, even if it’s not been on the radio or TV at all unless I’ve missed it every time. We’re relying on their greatness to bring justice to the Pipettes!

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