Dirrrty Pop Review: Rooster – Rooster

The real music band who, despite being 4 boys in a band, singing poppy-rock and appearing at the height of Busted’s success, are neither a boyband nor cashing in on Busted’s success. However, they are actually quite good, so let’s listen to their album!

1. Joy Ride

Quite poppy, but I do think Come get Some would be a better opener. Then again, they need to spread out the known songs so people don’t collapse from the angst of it all. 8/10

2. Come Get Some

Remarkably, I still love this song. It is a great pop song which does what it says on the tin ie. make you want to shout from the rooftops, although possibly not running cos I don’t want to fall off, do I? 9/10

3. Standing In Line

He sounds like he’s singing underwater in the bridge. You are very annoying, Mr Rooster singer (Nick?), but you don’t have to drown yourself. The chorus could be a bit more catchy, but it’s quite likeable. 7/10

4. Staring At The Sun

Rooster’s latest hit has definitely been a grower for me, but made it clear that despite their “real music” protests, they are definitely aiming for the pop market. It’s a pretty but soppy ballad and still sounds like late A1 to me! 7/10

5. To Die For

I don’t think this is the Luke Galliano cover that I once read V were planning. I can’t actually remember what his To Die For sounded like. This sounds a bit like a very serious version of the incessantly cheery Ultra. Nice “sing along NOW!” drum roll at about 3.20. 6/10

6. You’re So Right For Me

The song most like what you’d expect of the singers of Come Get Some so far. I’m liking it but not quite so much as CGS and it really reminds me of something. I feel like I’ve heard it before somewhere. Quite jaunty, anyway. 7/10

7. Platinum Blind

This is fun! He does sing very fast, doesn’t he? It’s hard to make out many of the lyrics in the verses, there’s so many of them. For some reason this reminds me of B*Witched! 7.5/10

8. Deep And Meaningless

A ballad soppier than Staring At The Sun! Quite nice singing and I like the backing track too. Of course they have to put in a guitar solo which ruins the unrealness a bit, but it will have to be allowed. 8/10

9. On The Road

This was so mediocre I forgot to listen to it the first time and had to play it again, which I forgot to listen to again and gave up. 5/10

10. She Don’t Make Me Feel

Pretty similar to all previous tracks, so the sound is getting a bit lacklustre by now. Some quite good lyrics. 6.5/10

11. Angels Calling

As you will have guessed from the title, here’s another ballad. Again, it is nice, although my opinion may be swayed by how refreshing it to hear him singing delicately after all this wannabe rocker stuff. He sounds like Gary Barlow now! 8.5/10

12. Drag The Sunrise Down

Slow in the verses, slightly scary in the bridge and rocky in the chorus. Not at all catchy. Probably the most “hardcore” rocky track of all. 6/10

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