Dirrrty Pop Review: Girls Aloud – What Will The Neighbours Say?

It’s that time again and although at times I thought we’d never see the day, Girls Aloud have another album out! And what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a track-by-track review?

1. The Show

I still love this one. It may not be the fierce electro-pop they’re known for but it’s still highly poptastic. It’s cheesy, camp, Euro-esque discopop with great lyrics and heaps of fun. I couldn’t imagine a better comeback single.

2. Love Machine

This is so underrated – it’s fabulous! So much manic fun, plenty of everyone’s fave Girl Aloud Nicola, the appearance of the excellent album title and I just noticed when they say “for now” it sounds like the top old-skool PJ phrase “Fnar!” The video is still a bit rubbish and frankly scary though.

3. I’ll Stand By You

This is definitely my least favourite GA single, but I understand why they had to release it. It got them 2 much-needed weeks at no.1 and raised lots of money for a very deserving charity. It’s pretty and Christmassy and it caused them to sing live on TV for the first time in absolutely ages.

4. Jump

Another single I thought was underrated. It’s one of my favourites and the only one I own. It always cheers me up and makes me want to sing along (remembering not to sing “Heaven’s waiters”) and dance around the living room. However, it is a shame and reflects badly on the girls’ true aceness to have 2 covers next to each other.

5. Wake Me Up

This is supposedly the girls’ next single and I think it’s a great choice of direction cos it’s tough electro sound makes up for the soppy I’ll Stand By You.

6. Deadlines & Diets

This is a gorgeous ballad and a new style for GA that I think works very well. It sounds straight off the Bridget Jones soundtrack although it’s not. I spent ages trying to work out if they really sang “deadlines, diets and Delia Smith” but it turned out to be “devious men” which is just as ace. Any song that uses the phrases “groovy” and “wham bam” is pure brilliance in my eyes.

7. Big Brother

I still say this song’s lyrics sound dodgy but no-one else seems to agree! This sounds like it could have been on Sounds Of The Underground but also has a touch of Kylie about it.

8. Hear Me Out

Another one that would have fit nicely on SOTU. One of the saddest songs GA have done. Nice talky bits from (I think) Cheryl. Generally lovely.

9. Graffiti My Soul

Probably their edgiest song yet as it could easily pass for ‘proper’ electro-pop. Sounds like the Mission Impossible theme tune at one point! Very cool and should be heard by any music snobs who don’t like GA.

10. Real Life

The girls top their excellent vocabulary proving use of ‘anaesthetic’ in NGA with the word “tourniquet” in this track. Very danceable and I love the middle 8 and bridge.

11. Here We Go

It caused huge excitement with all sane pop fans when it was announced that the Aloud would be covering this legendary Moonbaby/Lene non-hit. The result is more than satisfactory but I agree with those who’ve said this song is better suited to a solo artist.

12. Thank Me Daddy

Similar subject to No Good Advice, this time saying their parents should be glad that they don’t know what their daughters really get up to and just let them get on with it cos they obviously will anyway! The subject matter is far more rebellious than the sound of the song, which is a bit samey with the other songs. Another good middle 8 though.

13. I Say A Prayer For You

Not the best ballad they’ve done, but still better than all of Atomic Kitten’s combined. Quite melancholy for GA.

14. 100 Different Ways

This sounds as Sugababes-esque as the title suggests. Perhaps it was written for them and they discarded it as the title is too similar to A Million Different Ways. Quite soulful for the Aloud.

So here is my top 5 new songs (not including singles) from WWTNS on the day of release:

1. Real Life

2. Dealines & Diets

3. Here We Go

4. Wake Me Up

5. Hear Me Out

I will probably come back and do another top 5 in a week or two and see how my opinions have changed, which I’m sure will be plenty. Now I’ll leave you alone to enjoy your copy, make up some groovy dance routines and start learning all the genius lyrics off by heart…

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