25 Most Poptastic Singles Of 2004!

Long-term readers will remember last December’s countdown of the 25 best songs of the year, culminating with the most poptastic single, Leave Right Now by Will Young. Unbelievably, a whole year has passed and it’s that time again – the countdown is back, bigger and better than ever before! Let the fun begin…

25th Most Poptastic Single Of 2004

Delays – Lost In a Melody

Released: 22 November

Fun fact: The Delays come from Southampton, like me! They are the indie answer to ‘N Sync (both weird-looking boybands with high-pitched singers) and for that you have to love them.

Best bits: 1. STOP!

2. That which I should have done I did not do and now the song is suuuuung

3. Runrunrunrun we should get in before the setting of the suuuuuun

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