Song of the Week: Declan McKenna – Why Do You Feel So Down

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After the last time I wrote about Declan McKenna I didn’t think I’d ever feature him again. I was a little snarky (who? me?) which led to a reader complaint, and Declan even quoted me (in an ironic way) in his Twitter bio. But I’m all about equal opportunities around here, so when someone does something good, I’ll recognise them for it. Why Do You Feel So Down from his debut album caught my ear on a recent New Music Friday. Although he’s a teenager from Hertfordshire, he’s managed to make a track that reminds me of Swedish indie-pop of the mid-2000s. It has a strong, catchy melody with bouncy production and an uplifting feel, joyful and sweet with a youthful yet nostalgic sound. I would like to formally offer a truce to Declan, and concede that he’s not trying too hard to be cool anymore, as he actually is quite cool.

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