Future Stars: Cosmo Sheldrake (Transgressive)

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My first thought on seeing Cosmo Sheldrake was that he looked like he went to my university… and sure enough he did! It’s a shame our paths didn’t cross (he's a bit younger), as I would have loved his brand of quirky, twee, literary pop at that time in my life. He reminds me a bit of Patrick Wolf, who I was a fan of back then. He comes from a family of scientists, and takes a fittingly experimental approach to music, including layering samples and some quite bizarre beatboxing. However, he also makes compact pop songs that you could even say are radio friendly. His debut single The Moss was released earlier this year and has had nearly 500,000 Soundcloud plays so far. It’s certainly the first song I’ve ever described as creepy and jolly, but it’s original, interesting, entertaining and even quite catchy. I don’t expect overnight success, but there is an audience for this kind of thing (the new students of our old university, at the very least).


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