Song of the Week: Chvrches – Empty Threat

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Chvrches’ second album seems to have divided their fanbase. I’ve seen as many people disappointed by its predictable sound as those who say it’s affirmed their belief in the band. In keeping with my ambivalence to Marmite, I’m the weirdo that neither loves nor hates the album. Chvrches’ distinctive sound had such a strong impact when they were a new act, that it’s hard to recreate that feeling second time around, but as a fan of that sound it’s still an enjoyable listening experience. They could have brought in pop hitmakers to write and produce a more mainstream follow-up to their debut, and maybe that’s what we’ll see on album three, but it would have been an unnecessary risk after The Bones of What You Believe was so well-received. Why change a formula that works? Overall, Every Open Eye is consistently strong, but lacks standout tracks. However, the one song that instantly grabbed me was the punchy Empty Threat, the most boldly poptastic tune on the album. Strangely, it’s the first time I realised that the reason I was so drawn to Chvrches when I first heard Lies, was probably because Lauren’s strong, sharp Scottish accent sounds like Manda from Bis. So this is me officially putting in my request for them to record a song like Tell It To The Kids.


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