I certainly didn’t expect that!!! Finland were always going to do well but these joke songs always usually just get to the top 5 or something, they don’t actually WIN… I think perhaps if there’d been one particular song that had stuck out from all the ‘serious’ entries (like Helena, Ruslana and Sertab did in the past 3 years) then it wouldn’t have happened, but as the serious votes were very much split between countries such as Russia, Bosnia and Sweden, as well as many others, with the jokey votes in comparison only split between Finland and Lithuania, it was more a case of nothing beating Finland than Finland beating everyone else, if you understand what I mean. Still, I’m really pleased for good old Dima coming second, Romania did well too with their ace song and I’m very pleased for Sweden even if it should have been BWO. And Finland winning is at least better than Bosnia, which was so boring it literally sent my mum to sleep.

It will be very interesting to see how Eurovision goes next year. It’ll certainly be a change, since it’s been held in southern countries the past three years, and Finland haven’t EVER won before. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that they really don’t seem to like pop music or make very much of it – do you know any Finnish popstars? Will we have Rasmus and H.I.M singing in the interval next year? Even their Idol programme was populated by moody teenagers dressed in black. So it’s going to be interesting, but I am a bit sad that the contest won’t be held in a country that’s really passionate about Eurovision. Maybe a Finn can come on and tell me that there are lots of dedicated Eurovisioners in their country, but I’m not expecting it. Also, what is this going to do for next year? After Sertab won there was an influx of ethnic-style music, Ruslana led to a year obsessed with big drums, so will next year be the year of rock for Eurovision? It could be awful!

So, let’s see how accurate I was with my predictions…

Top 5 = 4/5 correct
Top 10 = 3/5 correct
Top 20 = 6/10 correct
The losers = 3/4 correct
Overall = 16/24 correct – not bad! I’m especially impressed with myself for picking 4 of the top 5, and the one I got wrong was only a country away.

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