Top of the Poptastic: The best singles of December 2016

Here are my top 10 singles of December, compiled into a poptastic playlist for your enjoyment. I hope you discover some new favourites! I’ve also updated my Spotify playlist, which features all the songs from my monthly charts, and you can listen to that here.

  1. Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl
  2. MUNA – I Know a Place
  3. Little Mix – Touch
  4. Alessia Cara – Seventeen
  5. Lisa Ajax – Santa Bring My Baby To Me
  6. Fanny Andersen – KIDS
  7. Star Cast – I Bring Me
  8. Jocelyn Alice – Feels Right
  9. KLYMVX ft. Emily Zeck – After Midnight
  10. Fickle Friends – Brooklyn

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