Future Stars: Baauer (Mad Decent)

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Harry Rodrigues, also known as Baauer, is responsible for the biggest online phenomenon of 2013 so far: the Harlem Shake. Thanks to Radio 1 support, the Brooklyn-based DJ had a small UK hit in 2012 with the dance track Harlem Shake, inspired by an '80s dance move of the same name. The song soundtracked a silly dance video that became a YouTube meme, with offices, celebs, sports teams and even armies joining in! Of course they will all be totally embarrassed they did it by mid-March, but the trend has sent Baauer's single into the UK top 5 where it's sat firmly on iTunes for 2 weeks. Will Baauer make a career out of this, or has his career just officially ended? I’m intrigued to find out!


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