Song of the Week: Ava Max – Sweet but Psycho

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If you were part of the small yet entirely justified group that loved Natalia Kills’ 2011 album Perfectionist, then you need to give this song a listen immediately. Sweet but Psycho could easily be a long lost offcut from that album, which matched infectious pop hooks with an amusingly inauthentic dark edginess. If Natalia hadn’t seemed so sincere about her work, she could have been embraced as a camp and quirky pop star, like Lady Gaga, who was at her peak at the time. As for Ava Max, she probably doesn’t have superstardom in her path either, but that’s what you get when your music sounds so 2011 in 2018. However, the song is actually trending on Spotify, Ava is signed to Atlantic and she features on the new David Guetta album, so hopefully she’ll have chance to gift us a few more unashamed pop tunes before she departs Planet Pop.

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