Future Stars: AJ x Deno (Columbia)

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AJ and Deno are a London-based grime duo made up of 17-year-old rapper AJ Jacobs and 16-year-old singer Deno Driz. Deno initially went viral on Instagram in 2016 when he posted videos of himself singing in the schoolyard, which earned him praise from Stormzy and Ed Sheeran. He and AJ were soon signed up by Columbia and the same year released this super cute and fun video of them with a bunch of mates parading awkwardly around Wilko and Morrisons. Since then, they’ve collaborated with fellow teen star EO on London, which just missed the top 40 earlier this year, and in a bizarre twist, featured on a new single by Sophia Grace (yes, the girl from Ellen). Deno is also making solo appearances, such as the current trending track Advice, on which he banters with rapper Cadet.

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