Song of the Week: Alessia Cara – I’m Yours

Last week I had the chance to attend the first UK shows by two young female artists on the brink of pop stardom, Alessia Cara and Halsey. So far, as I wrote a few days ago, Halsey is storming ahead, but with a debut single as powerful as Here, Alessia is certainly still in the race. Here is all about the lyrics, which express a feeling of teenage disillusionment that has connected with a huge audience. It might be an alternative perspective compared to the positive songs about partying that fill the charts, but it’s a feeling all kinds of people have experienced. The rest of Alessia’s Four Pink Walls EP confirms that Alessia isn’t the outsider that Here might at first suggest, but a normal, and typically complex teenage girl, albeit much more talented than most. Her songs have a bubbly warmth and innocence which reflect the personality that comes across in her live show, and is also seen in the adorable set of videos she filmed for I’m Yours, Seventeen and Four Pink Walls. I chose I’m Yours as my Song of the Week because it stood out on first listen and was the crowd’s favourite at the Camden Barfly gig. It’s not edgy, but it’s strong, heartfelt pop that makes me very excited to hear more from Alessia.


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