A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Beyoncé – Crazy In Love

12th July 2003

This is the only single that could seriously be called r’n’b in my whole top 25, so Beyoncé should feel very privileged to have my love. Admittedly, this is as poptastic as r’n’b gets (and far more poptastic than many pop songs), but at least it shows that while my tastes are pretty strictly limited to pop, they are widely ranging within the different types of pop available. I actually don’t believe pop is a genre – most pop acts combine several existing genres (such as rock, dance or r’n’b) to make the best song they can, hence pop music having such a wide appeal.

Focussing back on Beyoncé now, I must say I haven’t been a big fan of any of her other solo singles, again proving what a spectacular song this is. I’m not usually one to pick a specific “song of the summer” every year but this was definitely the song of summer 2003 – to me it connotes parties and fabulous (even if rubbish) dancing better than any other song of the past few years. It’s so sassy, creating Beyoncé as an in-your-face girl power icon simply through her music. I have to say, though, that the single cover is awful!

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