I’ve decided that I don’t want my favourite European pop stars releasing over here anymore. This is because, as with Kim-Lian, they tend to arrive with completely the wrong song for the UK market, get compared to someone totally inappropriate (in this case Lolly), be ignored or laughed at by everyone who has any influence over the charts and then miss them completely. With Alcazar it worked OK – they did well enough for their video to appear on the music channels a fair amount and I got to see their faces on the singles rack in Woolies and was able to put them at the top of my top 100 singles of last year, yet they were not around so much that I ever got bored of the acetastic song. The next band to take the plunge are Swedish quirky pop-rockers Melody Club, who released their song Electric in the UK in 2004 with little effect and, after supporting Kylie on her tour all over Europe (they’re in Manchester tonight and London this weekend – don’t miss them if you’re going cos I know from experience, they’re totally ace live!), they’re having another go with their very best single, Baby (watch the utterly fabulous video here). I posted the song on Into The Groove a while ago, so hopefully people will still go out and buy the single. In fact, I’m going to demand that you do! But if, as is very likely, they don’t get the success they deserve (ie. 10 weeks at no.1), they’ll still be releasing great pop in their homeland and I will never get bored of them.

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