The International Video Challenge

I review videos from around the globe, and mark them with globes out of 5. Genius, if I do say so myself!

Representing the UK: Triple 8 – Good To Go
Wow! This is actually good! I was a fan of Triple 8 in their heyday (a short and quiet one as it was) but after the only 2 members with an ounce of star quality left (I know Sparx is attempting a solo career but has anyone heard from David?) I wasn’t expecting much from their comeback single. Yet it is good! The dance routines in the video are OTT and all wrong, like a bad ‘N Sync tribute, but they make up for it by having a female star who looks just like Summer off the OC!

Representing America: 4th Avenue Jones – Stereo
This band sound like the lovechild of Outkast and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, yet a Google reveals them to be a strong force in Christian hip-hop. With the trend for rowdy band members to suddenly turn to Jesus recently, perhaps they would have been better keeping it under wraps a bit longer. The video for Stereo is Outkast’s GhettoMusick mixed with Darren Hayes’ video for Pop!ular (well, he carries a stereo around and I wanted to mention him cos I haven’t for a while). The song is very good in places, but there aren’t that many of them.

Representing Norway: Kristin Frogner – Stars Above My Head
I’d never heard of Kristin before but she turns out to be the Norwegian Amy Studt, excpet whatever it was that Amy lacked, allowing the public to somehow not take her to their hearts, Kristin has in abundance. The song is incredibly beautiful, as if the video, as is the girl. She is a mysterious little pixie with this gentle, folky (yet not alienatingly so) voice, combining to create something simply undeniable.

Representing Sweden: Chick Habit – Rule The World
Calling Flum! Calling Flum! Three of them look like Nicola Roberts! One even has a side-ponytail! Since there are five of them and they rock legwarmers and stilettos in a very 80s way, they are officially the Girls Aloud of rock. And Swedish! They also have a totally ace album cover and have named their album after a Rachel Stevens song (sort of). It’s like every pop fan’s birthday come at once!

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