Gravitating to Gravitonas

As a big fan and loyal follower of Alexander Bard, I had to write something about his new band Gravitonas, but I wanted to wait until there was some music to comment on before I made my judgement. Now the new group (consisting of Alexander, regular Melodifestivalen songwriter Henrik Wikström and a random beardy bloke called Andreas Öhrn) have released their first single, Kites, and made a video which you can see on their official site.

It is a shame that BWO have been put on hold for a while, but it’s always exciting to see a new project from Alexander. However, my excitement was dimished a little by the unattractiveness of lead singer Andreas (a big disappointment after the beautiful Martin Rolinski!) and their unjolly-looking pictures. Indeed, Kites is nowhere near as poptastic as the output of BWO, Alcazar or Army of Lovers. If it’s comparable to any Bard project, Vacuum is the closest.

However, if this had been a completely new artist, I would have been quite impressed. I simply have high expectations of Alexander’s work, and although I appreciate that this is an interesting new direction for him, it’s not a direction I would choose. You certainly can hear Alexander’s influence in the song, but Andreas’ voice is annoyingly breathy and the chorus is very forgettable. I will still be buying the Gravitonas album without a single hesitation, but I do hope there are better songs on it.


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