I’m in love and I don’t want the antidote

I was lamenting just the other day how rare it is nowadays to discover a brilliant pop song in my trawls through the charts of Europe… and then last weekend I did just that! The Enemy by Norwegian soul-pop singer Nabiha is one of the best songs I’ve heard in ages. It’s super-catchy and bursting with energy. It’s the kind of uplifting song I want to listen to again and again until I know every “la” off by heart. Nabiha’s other songs aren’t especially exciting, so this seems to be her Shark in the Water, the one song that makes her very much worth having around. It’s a retro sound which reminds me of Pauline Kamusewu at her best, or an even more poptastic version of The Noisettes. Listen below and tell me it’s not amazing!



  1. ooo this has made my day! I like it a lot 🙂 Oh and the fact that she has a song called You Is Just Dreamy is immensicles…

  2. It’s not amazing… haha just kidding I Loooovve it!
    Its one of those songs that you play on your ipod walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day! It puts a little bounce in your step.

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