The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2009 – Part 1

The 25th Most Poptastic Single of 2009

Tinchy Stryder ft. N-Dubz – Number One

Released: 20th April
Trivia: Shaznay Lewis was in an N-Dubz video before they were famous.
Best bits: 1. You lift me up off the ground, I always want you around
2. I don’t understand how you’re number one
3. It’s funny how you actually went from from my homey to my only

The 24th Most Poptastic Single of 2009

Backstreet Boys – Bigger

Released: 20th November
Trivia: Nick released a solo aingle this year, a duet with Jennifer Paige called Beautiful Lie.
Best bits: 1. All the messed up things I do, well I swear I’ll make them up to you
2. Just let me get better, I’ll try and measure up, I’ll try and measure up to you
3. Cause you’re still here!

The 23rd Most Poptastic Single of 2009

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Released: 27th October
Trivia: RedOne is not actually Swedish, but moved to Sweden aged 19 because of his admiration for the brilliant pop music that the country produces.
Best bits: 1. I want your love and all your lover’s revenge, you and me could write a bad romance
2. Oh-oh oh-oh oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, caught in a bad romance
3. I don’t wanna be friends!

The 22nd Most Poptastic Single of 2009

Mini Viva – Left My Heart in Tokyo

Released: 6th September
Trivia: Despite Mini Viva seeming to be the next big thing, their second single I Wish has so far only reached no. 73 in the UK charts!
Best bits: 1. I left my heart in Tokyo, down by the river don’t you know
2. My baby’s reading my mind, he knows that I’m needing moo-oore
3. Seventeen and dumb, look at me I know right from wrong

The 21st Most Poptastic Single of 2009

Amy Diamond – It’s My Life

Released: 4th March
Trivia: This song was Amy’s second Melodifestivalen entry (following Thank You, the 7th most poptastic single of 2008), again written by the almighty Alexander Bard.
Best bits: 1. It’smylife! It’smylife!
2. It’s my life when I walk the night, ooh-oh-ohoh!
3. Better start reading my lips when I’m telling you


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