Question Time with Flamboyant Bella

Teenage indie-poppers Flamboyant Bella have been making great pop music for a few years now, but their new single Get a Reaction is definitely their best yet. I caught up with lead singer Flo Kirton to get the gossip on one of Britain’s most exciting new bands.

How would you describe your music to someone who’d never heard of Flamboyant Bella before?
Bit o’ pop, bit o’ guitars in there, whilst boy/girl vocals tackle serious cultural issues of today’s Britain.

Is getting Absolutely Wankered typical of a Flamboyant Bella night out?
To get ‘Absolutely Wankered’ is to take things a bit too far… so it’s not the aim.

Where did your brilliantly random band name come from?
A preacher in the street told us if we didn’t form a band by the name ‘Flamboyant Bella’ then the world would end. It was pretty much a given.

What’s the most flamboyant outfit you’ve ever worn on stage?
A really awesome dress I ordered once, for too much money, but it was an important show. Covered in big sequins, some hanging from strings of beads. Was madness… I kinda looked like a cake, but a shiny one at that, so it was worth it!

Was it a conscious decision to go for a more disco-pop sound on your new single, Get a Reaction?
Not at all! When you get round to listening to our album, you’ll understand that every track is completely different. It just felt right that that should be the next single!

Would the boys in the band ever ditch their instruments for a full on dance routine?
They all dance when we’re out and about at clubs etc. but… in unison… together? I don’t think so.

Which current artists would you most and least like to be compared to?
Well, we most get compared to Alphabeat, Kate Nash and Lily Allen, which are all big compliments to an extent, success-wise. I don’t think I’d enjoy being compared to Aqua if I’m honest.

What’s next in your plan for world domination?
Replace the National Anthem with our next single?

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