Go north, there are choirs there!

I can’t promise to do this every week, but I was watching Körslaget last night and I felt a review coming on… so here it is!

Team Pontare – Go West
Ten out of ten for choreography, zero for the singing! The lady who did a solo was awful. A shame cos it is a brilliant song and could be great for a more tuneful choir. Judging from Roger’s contribution to the opening group number, which shall from now on be known as “I Gotta Nang”, it’s quite possible he simply forgot to tell his soloist she was rubbish.

Team Rigo – La Bamba
I was pleasantly surprised by this lot last week – I don’t like Rigo (except his Linda Sundblad duet of course!) or Pitbull, but they did a good job with it, and the same this week. They bring a bit of coolness to proceedings, at least compared to the other choirs who are all cheesetastic. I love cheese, but variety is good too.

Team Amy – Fairytale
Certainly my favourite song choice this week, but they didn’t do it quite as well as Alexander Rybak. Still, Amy and her little sister were adorable as ever, and I loved their dance moves. Amy’s a few years younger than me and I still want her to be my best friend.

Team Ola – New York, New York
I’m not really a fan of Frank Sinatra or any kind of swing/big band music, so I was just left to enjoy the purpleness for this performance. They sang well, but I hope they’ll do something more poptastic in the future. I think they have a good chance to win, with Ola being so popular as well.

Team Andreas – Poker Face
A great song choice, of course, and Andreas is the perfect person to lead a choral rendition of such a disco-tastic song. They did a very good version, but I have seen a more amusing choral version of Poker Face before, thanks to the brilliant Out of the Blue.

Team Caroline – 800 grader
I just noticed, Owly has Kevin Federline in her choir! This week they sang a rock song in Swedish, so I wasn’t familiar with it. The best bit was when they did the owl dance at the end, and even that wasn’t as good as last week. I don’t think my newfound leniency toward Owly is going to last.

Team Stefan – Inget stoppar oss nu
They also did a Swedish song I didn’t recognise, but it was better than Team Caroline’s song. Quite schlagertastic. Their outfits always amuse me – are all the men gay or have the straight guys in this choir just given up on any masculinity? Their shiny pink outfits certainly wouldn’t go down well at a football match!

The result wasn’t too pleasing – unfortunately Team Andreas went out. I thought it was going to be Team Rigo. At least we got a couple of great performances from Team Andreas, anyway. I’ll certainly miss having Andreas on the show.


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