Lillix – Sweet Temptation
I have been loving this song for a couple of months now and finally it has a video. I was a big fan of Lillix’s first album Standing Uphill but the new single is even better – an all out acetastic pop-rockathon. If you were a fan in the olden days you may notice that the drummer Kim (and my old favourite member) has left and been replaced by a girl named Alicia. The verdict is still out on whether she is ace – watch the video and see what you think!

Bertine Zetlitz – 500
If you’re getting impatient for the new Annie album and you’ve never heard any of Bertine’s music, you need to fix that right now! Bertine worked with Richard X before Rachel, Liberty X and the Sugababes had probably even heard of him, and brings a quirky coolness to her music that makes it quite different to Annie’s, even though they’re both Norwegian blondes who worked with Mr X. 500 is the first single from her forthcoming 5th album My Italian Greyhound, which will be released on 11th September.

Darren Hayes – Unlovable
Not wanting to waste a brilliant song, Darren has decided to release this song as a charity download from his website http://www.darrenhayes.com/ and to get people interested he’s made a video for it which is a mixture of clips from his tours and travels and new parts filmed just for this. This is such a dramatic and emotional song and just genuinely brilliant, it’s great that a few more people will get to hear it. I know from my own and others’ experience that once you become a Darren Hayes fan there’s no way out so hopefully this release will help him catch a few more of those obsessed fans.

Nicola Roberts – Shout
Recently Nadine and Cheryl’s spotlight-hogging has got worse than ever with both bagging themselves very famous boyfriends and Cheryl in particular becoming quite a celebrity icon with tabloid rivalries, an advertising deal with Coca Cola and even being the subject of a song by the current no.1 singer, Lily Allen. But Nicola is still my favourite and here is a performance from Popstars: The Rivals to show why Miss Roberts should be doing all the lead vocals from now on!

Backstreet Boys – We’ve Got It Goin’ On (TOTP performance)
If I was compiling a TOTP best bits programme to commemorate the very sad ending of the show, I would have to include this performance by the BSBs very early in their career, when they were so much fun and so energetic and excited, you just can’t help but want to join in and feel a bit jealous cos you’re not part of their gang. The singing and dancing is all so brilliant, there is no doubt that they were the acest boyband to ever exist, which makes it quite a shame that Kevin has left and after so many years the original line-up is no longer intact, but they are carrying on and there’s no reason their next album won’t be as great as Never Gone.

This week’s top 5:

5. Bertine Zetlitz – 500
4. Pet Shop Boys – Minimal
=2. Madonna – Get Together
=2. Camera Obscura – Lloyd Im Ready To Be Heartbroken

and no.1 is…

Lily Allen – Smile
We’ve all seen the video by now so here’s an interview Lily did for a new Channel 4 show called Transmission recently. It made me really like her as she comes across as very normal (I especially liked the “don’t question my genius!” bit) even though she’s obviously had quite an abnormal life so far, and I love her for telling it like it is. She’s the new Daphne & Celeste! Don’t question her genius!

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