New Pop R’n’B On The Block

Justin Timberlake – Sexy/Back
This is scary and I am not impressed. What happened to the poptastic *N Sync boy we knew and loved? What happened to Britney’s best boyfriend? He’d better be back on the next single or I’ll be very cross. It’s kind of electro-urban, very repetitive, improves a bit towards the end but overall a bit too weird. I suppose it might be a grower, but there’s none of the fun high-pitched singing or really many different words at all. I’m all for pop stars going in new directions, but not if they lose everything that was good about them before.
70% Poptastic!

Bugz In The Attic – Move Aside
Now this is the song Justin should have released. It’s still r’n’b and cool and tough and electronic, but it’s just got something about it which even urban haterz like me can groove along. I’ve heard it a few times on the radio now and it’s grown on me each time, even though it’s not the sort of music I’d normally like – it’s strangely catchy and I think it could be a huge hit.
73% Poptastic!

Lazy B – Underwear Goes Inside The Pants
This is the antidote to Baz Luhrman’s Sunscreen song – a spoken word track full of opinions and advice but these are slightly different, coming from ‘the youth’ with a mixture of humour (the part about obesity especially), insight and some rather controversial statements. According to his MySpace Lazy B is Danish (although the guy speaking is American comedian Greg Giraldo) and then I looked on Wikipedia and you’ll NEVER guess Lazy B’s true identity… Soren Rasted from AQUA!!! The blonde one who’s now married to Lene from the band. How weird is that? And rather highlarious considering Zane Lowe has been playing it. But at least the Nystrom-Rasted household is getting some income now, after the stupid flop of Lene’s solo album, and she appears on . Click here to watch the video.
78% Poptastic!

JoJo – Too Little Too Late
The American Amy Diamond has just released her first film, a pre-teen ‘chick flick’ called Aquamarine which also stars Sara Paxton and a young relation of Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, but Jojo is also back with a new single and it’s rather good! She’s obviously trying to recreate the success of Leave (Get Out) as Too Little Too Late is pretty similar but that’s no bad thing as I loved Leave and this is just as good. JoJo is definitely one of the best singers (if not the best) of the teen-pop girls of the moment, and this makes her ordinary pop songs sound much better than ordinary.
85% Poptastic!

Bassment Jaxx – Hush Boy
This sounds very similar to their brilliant single from last year Oh My Gosh, but without the poptastic aceness and therefore a bit pointless, although not entirely terrible. I just can’t get at all excited about it. The Jaxx have made such a variety of ace songs in the past, from Romeo to Good Luck to Plug It In, and they never usually make two songs that sound the same, so why start now? I’m very disappointed!
65% Poptastic!

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