Madonna – Get Together
I really like this new video, because for once she doesn’t look like someone’s mum dressed as their daughter and it reminds me of that Daft Punk video, which is fitting for the song. It’s actually made me want to listen to Confessions On A Dancefloor again which I haven’t for ages.

Johnny Boy – You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes
If you haven’t heard this before I’m sure you’ll be rushing to after reading it’s ace title, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Johnny Boy are a pretty good band with quite a varied range of songs, but this one and another from their album called Fifteen Minutes (which sounds more like the Go! Team than the Go! Team themselves) are my favourites.

Cascada – Everytime We Touch
This catchy German dance single, which reminds me of something Fragma might have done, has been a huge hit in America. There seems no particular reason for it – the song is brilliant but so are so many European dance-pop singles and none of them usually reach the US Top 10. Still, there’s no point questioning it – let’s just enjoy it and hope the same will happen here. Cascada for the new Infernal, please!

Amy Studt – Misfit
Amy is a controversial creature – when her name is mentioned some people (usually girls) have very fond memories while others seemed to inexplicably hate her. She had brilliant songs, many written by the super-ace pop writer Karen Poole (out of Alisha’s Attic), and a feisty grrl attitude way before Avril, Lindsay and Ashlee made names for themselves. This was her second single, her poppiest and generally agreed to be her best, although I loved all 3 of her first singles – we’ll just ignore the atrocious All I Wanna Do cover that killed her career.

Seth Lakeman – Kitty Jay
There aren’t many acts I can say I first heard of watching the Mercury Music Prize (in fact, this is the only one), but don’t be put off, Seth Lakeman is not completely boring. It’s certainly very different to the usual Dirrrty Pop fodder, but I really like the song. It’s very dramatic, and if you like Patrick Wolf you definitely should give this a viewing. He has a new single out soon, but it’s not quite as good as this one.

Now, the DP:UK top 5!

5. Lily Allen – Smile
4. Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man
3. Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind
2. Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean – Hips Don’t Lie

and at no.1 for the 3rd week (although not consecutively), it’s…

Pipettes – Pullshapes
We’ve all seen the video now (if not scroll down a few posts and you can) so here’s a lovely interview the girls did recently on MTV. They come across as very jolly, down-to-earth young ladies, and there is even a brilliant bit in the interview where they eschew edginess in favour of “shiny and polished and stupid!” – hooray for that!

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