Europoptastic has been open only a few days and already we’ve learnt about lots of new music. Here’s a round-up so far:

It all went a bit indie-pop when Lockedintheattic brought up German group Wir Sind Helden, but they redeemed themselves by singing in Japanese and revealing their new Tintin-inspired look.

Much hilarity was added by the Russian group Diskoteka Avariya and their interesting dress sense, as contributed by Shari Vari.

Meanwhile, ThatTree introduced us to Delays-wannabes moi Caprice from Denmark and posted some videos by the fabulous Norwegian group Briskeby.

If you have any great Europop to tell us about or want to read about many more ace artists like those mentioned above, come along and join in – the more the merrier, as old people always say!

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