Video Killed The Radio Star

Beulah – Sweet Kinda Something
Despite this video being shown on The Amp, the song actually sounds more like something Bellefire would do. She could be too pretty to do well in MOR market, though – not ordinary enough, yet the song is spectacularly ordinary so maybe she still has a chance. Although she is going to have trouble with people confusing her with the band Beulah. My Googling also revealed that this song is produced by someone called John Kelly who has worked with Kate Bush, but it doesn’t show.
73% Poptastic!

The Rasmus – No Fear
I was surprised that the Rasmus were releasing this at all in the UK, let alone so quickly but I guess their last album was pretty successful so they’re right to have a go at repeating it, but I really think their chances are small because this is no In The Shadows – it’s not even a Guilty.
68% Poptastic!

Nickelback – Photograph
Nickelback are, erm, back! They must be getting lazy in their old age, cos they appear to have re-used one of their old videos (don’t ask me which) with a new song dubbed over it. At first I thought it was one of their old singles. But I guess you can’t really expect originality from the owner of hair like that!
5% Poptastic! (and they only get that for not being Crazy Frog/’urban’/the ‘urban’ version of Crazy Frog)

Jo O’Meara – What Hurts The Most
Jo was my fave S Club girl, so by rights this should be even better than Rachel’s solo work! Sadly Jo doesn’t have any songs by Richard X or Vacuum, but she has still come up with a lovely ballad which grows on me with every listen and shows off her great pop vocals. Whether or not she still has the support of the public is yet to be seen, but she definitely has mine.
89% Poptastic!

Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To
First single from their make-or-break second album and the video is set in a chaotic art gallery with lots of singing to the camera as though it’s a person. Hmm, sounds familiar! It’s only 2 years since the Will Young single, did they think we wouldn’t notice?
85% Poptastic!

Gavin Degraw – Follow Through
Woha! New Gavin single and I didn’t even know! And it’s NOT Chariot! That is good news because, although I do of course like it, I couldn’t see Chariot being a hit if even I Don’t Wanna Be wasn’t, but if bad Day got to no.2, then Follow Through should be no.1 for a milennium. It doesn’t exactly sound like Daniel Powter but people who liked it should love this because it’s kind of similar in slushiness and piano content, but much, much better! The video is the same one he used 2 years ago when he first released this single in America but he looks very sweet and nice in it, so I am pleased. Maybe he will finally make it here now!
96% Poptastic!

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