Yes, I know I say that a lot but this really is the best news ever! Darren Hayes has obviously been reading my thoughts/blog because his new single is produced by the same people behind…Maroon 5 and Gavin Degraw!!!! What are the chances of it being those particular 2? I mean, if it had been Maroon 5 and *insert any other popstar* it would have been exciting enough, but Gavin Degraw! It’s so amazingly spookily perfect! After the whole writing for the BSBs thing (although the song never appeared on their album) and now this, it just proves his whole life is dedicated to pleasing me. Hurrah! I am really liking the sound of Darren’s new material. I am unbelievably excited!

The single, So Beautiful (presumably not a Pete Murray cover), is being mixed in LA this week and will appear on the Savage Garden greatest hits package, Truly Madly Completely, along with all the singles and some rare tracks and b-sides and one other new Darren song. The new songs will also appear on Darren’s new solo album, out later this year. Now all we need is a SG reunion tour (or a solo Darren one would be fine) and I’ll be grinning like a mad person for the rest of my life!

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