Pop Victories Of 2004

Christmas is a time for celebrating so lets forget the Darkness and Blue and instead remember 10 of the most brilliant things that happened in this year of pop…

1. Britney Spears had her most successful year yet with 2 huge no.1 hits and a Greatest Hits album.

2. Girls Aloud released their second album as well as 2 utterly fabulous singles, covered Moonbaby and had their second no.1.

3. Two of my favourite bands of all time, Maroon 5 and Scissor Sisters, were 2 of the biggest success stories of the year.

4. The Mercury Music Prize was won by someone Quite Good Actually (Franz Ferdinand) and the poptastic Jamelia managed to get herself nominated.

5. Indie music channel The Amp saw sense by playlisting Tyler James, JC Chasez, Rooster and even Freefaller, Ollie out of Point Break’s new band!

6. Annie, V, Surferosa, Gwen Stefani, Portobella and Freeform Five all bounced poptastically onto the music scene.

7. Darren Hayes, Alcazar and Dannii Minogue all made triumphant (in excellence if not success) comebacks.

8. Kylie forgot about being too cool to be good and worked with Xenomania and the Scissor Sisters.

9. One of the biggest summer hits was by a Moldovan boyband singing about a Linden tree…whatever that is!

10. Eminem sampled Martika’s Toy Soldiers, hopefully meaning there will be more than 3 people celebrating Martika Day 2005. Remember May 15th!

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