The Ones That Got Away

As you may have noticed, the songs in my most poptastic countdown are all singles released in the UK this year, which means that some of the most phenomenally brilliant songs of 2004 were not included. Here are 20 of the top songs not released in the UK this year:

United States of Electronica – Emerald City

One of the few good American groups of 2004 created this, the euphoric feel-good party anthem of the year.

Robyn – Blow My Mind

A mixture of Britney and Annie and ten times as ace – I didn’t know that was possible until I heard this!

Hitch Hike – Travel Girl

Greece’s answer to No Good Advice or What You Waiting For features an American girl wittily describing her hitch-hiking escapades over the backing track of the century.

Alcazar – Physical

The follow-up to TITWWLI and equally fantabulous. Alcazar are exactly what pop stars need to be in 2005 and every year to infinity.

E-Type – Olympia

This song leaves even me feeling competitive and I’m neither Swedish nor any good at sports whatsoever. You may feel slightly ridiculous singing along but you won’t care at all.

Erik Faber – Century

Proving that Scandinavians do everything better, this is a singer-songwriter ballad and yet it is absolutely brilliant. It’s very emotional and beuatifully sung and makes me certain that my next holiday has to be to Norway.

Bodies Without Organs – Conquering America

From the makers of Alcazar come this strangely named but unsurprisingly excellent new act, who should be conquering not just America but the whole universe in 2005.

Within Temptation – Running Up That Hill

An excellent band covers and excellent song, and of course the result is more than excellent. Could this be even more over-dramatic than the original?

Gavin Degraw – I Don’t Wanna Be

The theme to One Tree Hill but that snippet doesn’t do this song justice in any way. Sounds like Hanson meets Elton John and even better. Buy his album now or miss out in a big way!

Christian Walz – Wonderchild

This may have been a slow-burning hit in Sveden but it won my heart immediately – one of my songs of the summer, and still sounds impossibly ace now.

Venke Knutson – Scared

One of the prettiest songs and singers of the year and another ace Norwegian with a suitably brilliant name.

September – We Can Do It

This should be Jo O’Meara’s debut solo single, or even better a perfect S Club comeback, and that is a compliment of extreme proportions.

Da Buzz – How Could You Leave Me?

The first song I heard on real-life Swedish radio and although I tend to find Da Buzz a bit overrated among Euro fans, this one deserves all the praise in the world.

Paps’n’Skar – Mirage (La Luna)

A cross between Dragostea Din Tei and the Maltese Eurovision entry, this is a little-known Euro-hit from an Italian duo.

Surferosa – Saturday Night

More wonderful Norwegians, this time letting their hair (whatever colour it might be dyed this week) down with a rocking “thrash-pop” party anthem.

The Knife – Heartbeats

Swedish electro-pop with a reggae influence, it shouldn’t work, but of course it does and massively so. Like the cool version of Ace of Base, but don’t ask me what she’s singing.

Bosson – A Little More Time

The silliest voice in pop since Christian Walz, but that only adds to this fabulous song. You might remember his song One In A Million from Miss Congeniality.

Hanson – Penny & Me

The Hanson brothers are back and better than ever! Well maybe not quite beating I Will Come To You but they’re certainly not lacking in aceness in any way. Check out the video with the boys looking rather handsome and the lovely Samaire Armstrong making an appearance.

Ben Jelen – Come On

Not only is Ben a very pretty face, and not to mention his very pretty hair, but he makes very pretty music too, and this one has a wonderful things jumping out of pianos video to go with it.

Nadiya – Et C’est Parti

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of French music, it’s usually far too elegant for me, but this fun, catchy party track shows they can be just as ace as their neighbours (but probably never as ace as Neighbours).

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