Video Killed The Radio Star

Plumb – Real

This girl looks like Amber from Clueless. She sounds like Jennifer Paige which means she isn’t terrible but not terribly exciting either.

56% Poptastic!

Phixx – Love Revolution

I don’t like them so much as vampires! The song is similar to the last one, but not as instantly catchy or brilliant as Hold On Me. Still it’s kind of 80s and pretty ace!

78% Poptastic! (but needs more listens)

Sam And Mark – With A Little Help From My Friends

A very cute video! The song is a bit too obvious a choice for them but it isn’t awful. It’s just nice to see them doing something and i do think it will be a big hit. I quite like this song.

85% Poptastic!

Westlife – Obvious

Obvious is a very good title for this track. It sounds like their own Fool Again mixed with Gareth’s Say It Isn’t So. Gareth got his pop career by copying Westlife and now they’re trying to keep theirs alive by copying him! It is strange to see them back to their original formula.

23% Poptastic!

Kelly Llorenna – This Time I Know It’s For Real

The video for this is camp as they come, but it’s also excellent! I’ve been a fan of Kelly for ages but this is a million times better tnan anything else she’s done. What a voice! What a song!

94% Poptastic!

Busted – Who’s David?

The only thing I liked about this song is the whiny way James sings ‘David’. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. This is their least gimmicky video so far, except maybe the mega-dull Sleeping With The Light On. The worst bit is near the beginning where Charlie sings ‘high school’. Secondary school, I believe it is around here. I didn’t think Busted could sell out any more, but they just did.

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