This year’s Eurovision is going to be fantastic and also Bardtastic because not only are two of Alexander’s Alcazar protegées, Magnus and Andreas entering (Magnus as a solo act in Melodifestivalen and Andreas as part of a band who are definitely representing Switzerland) but also his band, the unbelievably ace Bodies Without Organs! They have been announced as one of the entries for Melodifestivalen, which of course does not mean they will definitely get through, and they didn’t get far last year when they entered, but they’ve gained much popularity since last year with singles such as Open Door being huge hits and I’m quite sure this year’s entry, Temple Of Love, will be much stronger than last year’s Gone, as that was certainly their weakest single so far. Even more exciting news comes at the same time, as it has been announced that a new album will follow from BWO this April! As you can imagine I am very very excited about this and am (probably unwisely) giving up on my coursework for today in celebration!

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