Which Dane has the X Factor?

Yep, it’s the final! One YouTube search for “X Factor Danmark” unfortunately ruined the surprise of who won for me, but I’ll keep you guessing for the moment.

Sadly my favourite, Jesper, came in third. He didn’t have very interesting songs to sing, and was the first to sing so he already had a disadvantage. While Tine and Thomas had the amazing Erik Hassle and Medina to duet with, Jesper was stuck with the random Danish rock band Dúné. He still did a great, energetic performance, though, even managing to sing while running!


Now Danish X Factor’s over for another year, but the TV talent shows never end in my house. There’s American Idol and Over The Rainbow on at the moment, and in a couple of weeks the finals of the Dutch version of X Factor will begin! I doubt anything will beat the excitement of last year’s final 12 including a member of K-otic, but hopefully there’ll be some other exciting new acts. I’ll keep you updated!


  1. Ah so the finale of the Danish X Factor is as disappointing as the UK version. Perhaps this is a bit of an international thing and theme 🙂 Off to youtube more of the winner’s performances now!

  2. Jesper was robbed! His performances were pretty epic, as was Alphabeat (even with the irritating mic problems).

    Good thing that it sounds like Thomas Troelsen (aka: Pop GOD) may have an interest in working with Jesper. That would be amazing.

  3. Oh, and a quick question (though I think the answer’s no). Do you know if there’s anywhere to download studio versions of the performances like with American Idol (which SUCKS this year btw)? I’d kill for some of Jesper’s songs in studio.

  4. Exciting about Thomas T and Jesper! Sorry, I don’t know if they release studio versions. There might be an album of the best songs of the series like they do with Swedish idol. Otherwise you could try ripping the audio off Youtube.

  5. Paul – watch your steps. The Danish X Factor final was the grandest, the biggest one in history. Not disappointing at all.

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