Where Are They Now?

No longer do we have to wonder what happened to our pop idols of yore – we can just look them up on Myspace!

Celena Cherry (the Honeyz)
The Honeyz were a mixed-race r’n’b girl group from the late 90s/early 00s who released several sweet, poppy r’n’b tracks. Their biggest hits included Finally Found (my personal fave), End Of The Line and Won’t Take It Lying Down. They were last seen on last year’s Hit Me Baby One More Time programme, but Celena’s last UK release was as part of a duo whose name I’ve forgotten, but I think the song was garage-pop, a bit like Mis-teeq. Celena has some solo songs up on Myspace, including a pretty good catchy r’n’b-pop song called Gave You My Love. The other tracks are a dull ballad called Grass Ain’t Greener and a more feisty track named Conscience Calling which you’ll probably like if you liked Won’t Take It Lying Down.

Trevor Pennick (O-Town)
O-Town were the boyband created by ex-BSBs/*N Sync manager Lou Pearlman on the reality show Making The Band. They released 2 albums and split up a couple of years ago. The cute blonde one with the ridiculous name, Ashley Parker Angel, currently has a reality show on in America and will soon release his solo material which is a rock/pop style. Trevor was one of the least interesting members of the band and is so far unsigned, but he has made a nice 90s-esque ballad called Hold On. Sadly his other songs are not so good, but they are at least better than the pretentious indie dullness created by my once fave O-towner, Dan Miller.

Steve Balsamo
Steve was a solo singer tipped for success in the early 00s but, although a few of you may remember his song Sugar For The Soul, he never made an impression on anyone (except for someone in the Idol franchise, since he’s written songs for Antony Callea and Jonatan Cerrada)… until now, when his new band the (terribly ungrammatical) Storys have been plucked from obscurity by Elton John who has chosen them to support him on his current tour. Sadly their songs are just as dull as Steve’s, although there is one good one called Cinnamon.

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