Video Killed The Radio Star

Space Cowboy ft. Nadia Oh – My Egyptian Lover (Video)
This is somewhat like your typical low budget attempt at launching a UK r’n’b career (I would give examples but I’ve forgotten all their names), but I don’t know if they are actually British (her accent suggests otherwise) and it also has an electro slant which makes it more interesting. The song is pretty much one long ‘talky bit’ and I have no problem with that cos I love talky bits. It’s not amazing but quite pleasant nonetheless. Edit: Research tells me Space Cowboy is a French DJ with a very pretty website.
71% Poptastic!

Klaxons – Golden Skans (Video)
The band many are tipping to be the stars of 2007 and the kings of ‘new rave’, although it doesn’t sound much like rave to me anyway, have a new single and video and it’s looking to be their breakthrough hit… but will they succeed or will they be quickly discarded in favour of some other band who don’t even know what a glowstick is? Personally I really like it, the video is pretty cool and their sound isn’t a million miles away from my beloved Delays, so if they are the next big thing I won’t complain except to say it should have been the Delays.
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