Video Killed The Radio Star…On Holiday!

It’s time for another special edition of VKTRS and we are (metaphysically) travelling to Norway.

Bertine Zetliz – Ah-Ah
This is my favourite song by Bertine so I’m glad she’s releasing it, even if it’s just in her homeland. You may have heard of Bertine as the quirky Norwegian poppet who has worked with Richard X on the song Girl Like Me. If you like Annie, you will almost certainly love this fellow Norwegian’s brand of sweet yet feisty electro-pop music. This song would also fit in very well on Gwen Stefani’s LAMB album, with songs such as Rich Girl and Hollaback Girl. It’s more than good enough despite Bertine not being known outside Norway.
91% Poptastic!

Fountainheads – Perfect
No, not the Futureheads, the Fountainheads! The female lead singer is clearly Natasha Bedingfield’s Scadinavian indie/rock cousin while the song is more depressing than Daniel Bedingfield’s attempts to beatbox. The video is quite disturbing as the girl has a run-in with an ambulance yet keeps singing at the top of her voice throughout, even when she is supposed to be dead.
67% Poptastic!

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