Video Killed The Radio Star

JC Chasez – Blowin’ Me Up

Apparently this is a double a-side with Some Girls (Dance With Women) and with Plug It In coming out around the same time the music channels are going to be filled with JC aceness. For anyone who doesn’t know, he’s the member of NSync with long dark hair and this song is from the Drumline soundtrack. It’s an unusual urban pop song in which you can hear his NSync roots as well as a new JC sound. The video features JC’s ex-girlfriend Tara Reid and the best bit is when it all slows down for the lovely middle 8, “There’s just something about you baby…”

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

I’ve liked all of Alicia’s singles so far, but I was quite disappointed with the debut album which I can’t listen to the whole way through because I just find myself bored. This is yet another big, sweet, catchy track in the same vein as her previous hits and should hopefully sell a few more copies of her second CD from which this was taken. The video is a bit confusing though – why does the guy get arrested and why does Alicia start throwing things around her room?

Sharlene Hector – I Wish

You probably wouldn’t guess from the title but you will definitely recognise this song. It is the cover of Nina Simone’s song that goes: “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free” from the soft drink adverts airing currently, and the Sharlene is the talented lady who features in them. However, she was nowhere near the most interesting part of the video for me as I spotted an FA2 contestant! OK, so it was hardly Alistair or Alex but the lovely Simone is part of the gospel choir backing the song and she is shown nearly as much as the main singer. She’s even doing better than Carolynne and Peter so far seeing as they haven’t appeared on any singles since leaving the Academy.

Eamon – F*** It (Don’t Want You Back)

I was very surprised when I saw this video as I’d heard the song on the radio a few times and expected an older black singer. Eamon turns out to be a 19-year-old white boy who wouldn’t look out of place in Blazin’ Squad, and this song is growing on me by the minute. The swearing is unnecessary but it gets attention which is undoubtedly the aim. What I don’t get is why it’s called F*** It when that isn’t even the same profanity as in the chorus.

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