Video Killed The Radio Star

Pet Shop Boys – Flamboyant

I’ve never been a particular fan of the PSBs although I feel that I should be seeing as their cover of Elvis’ Always On My Mind was no.1 the day I was born. However, the more I hear this song the more I like and I absolutely love the video. Good work! It’s a bit Lost In Translation which may be a good or bad thing, as I still haven’t decided what I thought of that movie. I can’t stop singing Flamboyant at the moment, although I am quite puzzled by one of the lyrics which my brain keeps trying to replace with ‘clairvoyant’.

JC Chasez – Some Girls (Dance With Women)

I wasn’t keen on this song when I first heard it, but with the video it is far more impressive. My copy of Schizophonic is due to arrive this evening, so I will soon be able to confirm or deny the claim that he kicks Justin’s behind. By the sound of this unusual track, I think I’ll be confirming! The video is a sexier answer to Britney’s Slave 4 U, featuring unsurprisingly plenty of girls dancing with women. JC also looks very cool in it, leaving his slightly geeky ‘the musical one’ image in NSync far behind him, whilst still being the musical one.

Beyoncé – Naughty Girl

Crazy In love was easily one of the best songs of 2003, but each of her releases since has got more and more tragically dull and samey. The Donna Summer sample in this track at least distinguishes it from the other singles, but I couldn’t possibly say how the rest of the track goes because its so forgettable. The video is also nothing to shout about.

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