Video Killed The Radio Star

This week, for a change, videos will be marked in (slightly mangled) Will Young heads out of 5.

Kelis – Trick Me

I could appreciate the coolness of Milkshake and found it very catchy, but I never really liked it that much. Trick Me, however, is a different story as I surprisingly (because it is sort of dancehall-ish and I’m not much into ‘urban’ music anyway) really love it. I don’t know if this’ll be quite as big as Milkshake but it should do very well and sell lots more albums.

VS – Call U Sexy

This is nothing groundbreaking but I have to say I like it. It’s far better and less amateurish than Love You Like Mad and I’ve even caught myself humming it a few times. Ryan looks OK (less plastic/Nikk Phixx-alike) and Marvin has a nice jumper on. Sadly the girls are letting down the side by looking scarier than ever.

Mario Winans – I Don’t Wanna Know

If you want an American bitter urban ballad about not wanting something, forget Eamon – this is the song you need. It’s very sad, melodic, emotional and all the other things ballads should be. The backing music and the odd humming noises make it all the more dramatic. It will fit well on the radio without being too heinously awful, so I predict this will be a pretty big hit.

D-side – Pushing Me Out

D-side are a a very confusing band. They begin their career with a cute mid-tempo pop song, but gradually go downhill from there, first releasing the scary Invisible and then the downright pant-wetting Real World with it’s chipmunkesque reprise. However, this song, loosely based on the Salt n’ Pepa classic Push It, is exactly how boybands are meant to sound. It’s poppy with attitude but not too much – in fact it is exactly what V should have released as their debut. This piece of aceness is wasted on D-side and with their track record of 2 record deals by the time they’d reached their third single, even this will probably not save them.

Deepest Blue – Is It A Sin?

I was very excited when I heard about this song as I love the songs Deepest Blue have released so far and I misread the title, presuming it would be a PSBs cover. What could be acer? So I was understandably very disappointed to find that this was the not the poptastic cover I was hoping for but one of the dullest songs I’ve heard in ages. I’ve forgotten it already.

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