Video Killed The Radio Star

Haven’t done this for a couple of weeks. The songs are marked in Simon Amstells out of 5, celebrating his long-term aceness.

Ana – We Are

Ana is perhaps Sweden’s answer to Kym Marsh, but being Swedish she is many times better. She was in Swedish Popstars Excellence and is now a fairly successful solo artist singing pop-rock niceties. This is a bit rockier than her usual, perhaps as it is the lead single from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack and they didn’t want to stray too far from Chad Kroeger and friends. It’s a nice enough song and perfect for a film soundtrack but it’s hardly the most original sounding song and doesn’t really stand out among all the other pop-rock girls of the moment.

Kane – Rain Down On Me

Kane supported Maroon 5 on tour when I saw them in March and I didn’t take much notice, presuming they were American. I probably would have paid more attention had I known they are in fact Dutch. Sadly they prove that European rock is not always better than British or American, as this is pretty average, although there is apparently a very good dance remix which I want to hear. They have also done a duet with the always ace Anouk which is fantastic but on their album it is only them with no sign of Anouk.

Busted – Thunderbirds

I thought this might be quite fun being a brand new not off the album song, but it is in fact their 2nd worst single so far (the worst being Sleeping With The Light On). The highlight is when Charlie sings “It always look so cool when spaceships come out of the pool” but I think it is only good in contrast to the rest of the song. Charlie also gets to do the slowed down bridge bit as always. It’s such a generic Busted song it’s almost like a parody of them. And Matt’s current look make me feel slightly ill.

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