Video Killed The Radio Star

In Marks out of V (get it?)

V – Hip To Hip

I was very excited to hear this and I really like the song and think it will grow on me lots but it isn’t quite the certain hit that V need. I hope it will do the job but I’m seeing lower ened of the top 10. Still the song is very catchy, the boys look better than ever and the whole thing is just happy and summery and everything else pop is all about. This needs to do well so they can release the amazing You Stood Up.

Ordinary Boys – Talk Talk Talk

From the Blur/Streets school of making videos, this is a good all-rounder. They’re an indie band and I seem to remember their last song being very boring (in actual fact I can’t remember their last song at all) but this is rather poptastic with a fun video. It’s catchy and cheerful with a blokey ‘Fit But You Know It’ vibe and shows how indie music should sound.

Javine – Don’t Walk Away

This is Javine’s cover of girl band Jade’s ’93 hit. The video is a continuation of Best Of My Love’s video containing the same ugly Jay-Z lookalike and some clips from it just to confuse the casual viewer. The song is catchy r’n’b pop, not entirely unlike Javine’s past attempts. I was hoping this might save her from the dumper but with this rubbish video I think it will go sadly unnoticed.

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