Video Killed The Radio Star

Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You

This is a simple but gorgeous video to match this simple but gorgeous song. It’s what Kylie should have done instead of Slow and alongside all her old ace hits and the new GA-sound-alike Xenomania-produced track Giving You Up, she’s making Ultimate Kylie very tempting. As you probably know this is the track she worked on with the Scissor Sisters but don’t expect the retro craziness they’re known for, because this is much more laid-back and sophisticated. The video is suitably glamorous with enough sparkly stick-on jewels so that we can’t forget that this is a collaboration of the most wonderfully camp artists in modern pop. Who wouldn’t trade Ms Dynamite and even Cathy Dennis for Xenomania and the Scissor Sisters?

93% Poptastic!

Jamelia – Stop

It could have been a big mistake for the so far classy and professional Jamelia to release a Christmas cover version single, but this is well chosen and shows off her brilliant voice. It’s from the Bridget Jones film and is taking on the mission of saving Jamelia’s rather pointless with crap video new single DJ from being her first big flop by being released alongside it as a double a-side. I still say it should have been Universal Prayer. The video is again not brilliant. It’s basically just her sitting at home in a posh outfit thinking about her boyfriend, interspersed with clips of Bridget being ace as ever, but that’s beside the point. This is a really good cover and hopefully the other iconic 80s soul ballad being covered for the CD by some bloke called William will be just as good.

87% Poptastic!

Brian McFadden – Irish Son

Boring, rubbish and frankly embarrassing. Go away!

17% Poptastic!

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