Video Killed The Radio Star

Adam Green – Emily

I had only heard one Adam Green song prior to this – unsurprisingly the one that shares my name, and despite annoyance that the Jessica referred to was of the Simpson variety and not me, I liked it very much. It’s a very catchy song with something old-fashioned about it, yet definitely able to compete in the current pop market. It’s certainly different to all the other singles out at the moment which is always a good thing. The video is slightly surreal but you have to keep watching and Adam is not bad looking if a little strange! And called Adam! And Jewish! And has The Hair!

93% Poptastic!

Verbalicious – Don’t Play Nice

This song received some airplay on Radio 1 in early 2004, where I first heard and absolutely adored it. I went on to post it on my mp3 blog Into The Groove, which had a very positive reaction from downloaders. It is an excellent upbeat party song, combining pop, rap and rock to make the kind of single that manages to be both fabulously ace and a surefire hit. However, that certainty may have been jeapordised by the video in which Verbalicious (who is a mixed-race teenage girl) looks very young, wears terrible make-up and it generally has an air of failed hip-pop girl group of 2003, Tommi.

95% Poptastic!

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