Video Killed The Radio Star

Missy Higgins – 10 Days
This is a great song from Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Higgins, but I am quite surprised that she didn’t release Scar, her first big hit in her home country of Australia. 10 Days is really nice too if a little less remarkable lyrics-wise. She comes across as really sweet and pixie-like in her videos, which makes her extremely likeable and her voice is lovely. She, her voice and her lyrics all have personality and that’s definitely what we need in the charts.
87% Poptastic!

Cookie – Do It Again
The most interesting thing about Cookie is that one member is Nicola, the trashy blonde girl who made the Popstars: The Rivals final 10 but left before even taking the stage to be replaced by the fabulous Nicola Roberts. This makes it quite ironic that Cookie are a mixture of Girls Aloud and Clea. The song is a little catchier than Download It, although not necessarily better, and the video is (astonishingly) even worse. Their lip-syncing and dance routines are ridiculously out of time. Watch the arm crossing bit in the chorus – one of the girls is always a couple of seconds behind the others.
61% Poptastic!

Groove Coverage – Poison
A very odd thing happened today. I was browsing Clip Top 40 again and decided to watch this very video since I thought it had missed the UK charts completely and I was never going to see the video. Then I switched on the TV and guess what was on The Box? This very video! So it seems that they may be on their way to UK success after all, and I’m very pleased because this was one of the best Euro dance hits of last year and considering all the utterly rubbish dance that’s done well in the UK recently, this definitely deserves some love from our dancefloors, to put it just as cheesily as I’m sure they would.
92% Poptastic!

Other video news:

Keisha White has made a good song at last with the VS-esque Don’t Fool A Woman In Love.

I keep mistaking Oasis’ new video for Mark Joseph – there’s some deep irony in there somewhere!

The Futureheads are a bit rubbish when not covering Kate Bush.

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